Issue #2 06/03/2018

School Information Evening Success

My thanks to our school community for making our recent School Information Evening such a success. We had an attendance rate of school families of between 90-95%.

The teachers commented on the value in being able to give all parents in attendance an overview of their classroom programs and their expectations for the students in their respective classes. The opportunity for parents to ask questions also played an important role that evening.

I hope that all parents have embraced the opportunity to read through the updated Parent & Student Handbook that each family received that evening. It is important that all relevant sections are discussed with your children. Please ensure the attached “Student & Parent Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement” is signed by you and “signed” by your children. This is an important Agreement that reflects the shared commitment to this specific aspect of school life that we make as a school community.

“Parent Group Meditation Sessions

It is encouraging to see so many parents make the time to join other parents for a Group Meditation session every Monday after our School Assembly. The comments from parents reflect the delight that is felt when meditating in the company of others. Please join us each Monday after our School Assembly, when you have the opportunity to do so.

This week we had around 15 parents joining me, Suzi and John Bell (School Board Chairperson) for our meditation. I could not have been more proud to be a part of such a large gathering of parents who all took the time to stay after our assembly to meditate with the other parents. Most stayed on for the Chat With The Principal session immediately after.

Chat with the Principal” Session

Our second session was held this week with a large turnout of parents who expressed their preference for joining the Principal in a relaxed group atmosphere with other parents to discuss a range of school-related matters.

This week among many topics, we discussed the proposed Parent Seminars during the next two months on:

(a) Child Safe Standards and Policy at Maharishi School for all volunteer parents and the general school community (presented by the Principal)

(b) A First Aid course for parents run at the school (external provider)

(c) CBE & SCI Principles education for parents and school community members (Dr Sue Brown)

Information about each Parent Seminar will be distributed in the lead-up to each session.

District Athletics Day

Our Years 3-6 students (and some Year 2 students) will be attending the Keon Park District Sports Association Athletics Carnival where they will be competing with students from 8 other Government and Catholic Schools in the district.

The Athletics Carnival will be held on Wednesday 7th March at the Meadowglen International Athletics Track,

146-156 McDonalds Road, Epping. The Carnival is due to start at 9.00am and will run throughout most of the day.

Details have been sent to all families of students involved in the Carnival.

We look forward to seeing our students strive to do their best against their peers from neighbouring schools and enjoy the camaraderie that days such as this can bring.

Consciousness & Creativity

This Saturday several school staff will be attending the Arts Centre for a rare opportunity to hear Bob Roth, author of the best selling book ‘Strength in Stillness’ and iconic filmmaker/artist David Lynch live via video link from LA.

Bob Roth and David Lynch will discuss how consciousness is the source of all creative inspiration – and how it can be developed in the individual to unlock full creative potential. They will also detail how the David Lynch Foundation is transforming the lives of tens of thousands of at-risk adults and children around the world through the practice of Transcendental Meditation.

We look forward to hearing David Lynch and Bob Roth discuss the link between consciousness and creativity while also including a live audience Q+A with David Lynch.

We invite parents to join us at the event by purchasing tickets through the following Eventbrite link:

Seats are not allocated so if you would like to join other Maharishi School people at the event, contact the School Office by Friday to receive details about a meeting point at the venue.

Details: Sat. 10 March 2018, 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm (Arts Centre Melbourne – 100 St. Kilda Rd, Melbourne)

PFA Funds

The school has been fortunate over the past two years to enjoy the “fruits” of the PFA’s “friendraising” and “fundraising” efforts. Each year I have collaborated with parents and the PFA Executive at the General Meetings to identify areas of the school that we can “target” to receive PFA support.

In 2016, the Library benefited from having an automated Cataloguing/Borrowing System installed ($1900)

In 2017 we targeted the school’s Sports Representative Uniform and purchased Soccer Uniforms for the students to wear in inter-school competitions ($450). We also supported the need to purchase Basketball Uniforms but this will be done this year as there was no urgency to do so last year ($600-$700)

The PFA’s success in 2017 has also enabled us to target our Literacy Program. We will be purchasing a large selection of books for our Guided Reading Program which will see all our students from Prep-Year 6 benefitting from this new material ($930). We have also purchased reading material that enables us to assist our students who require additional support with their reading skills using the phonic approach to literacy ($470)

On behalf of the staff and students, we thank all parents for their efforts over the past two years. Although we don’t have a PFA Executive operating in 2018, I look forward to working with our parent body to run a select number of events throughout the year that will assist us to value-add even more to the resources we have at the school. The parents who have attended the “Chat With The Principal” sessions have agreed to use that as the appropriate forum for consultation and to identify priority areas for our fundraising efforts.

Library Assistance

Our Library is in (urgent) need of parent assistance to catalogue new books and for the general upkeep of the library; shelving books, returns, etc.

If you have an hour or two to spare during the week and you would like to assist in the further development of our library services for our students and school community, please get in touch with me at the school and I will pass on your details to Mrs Watt.

Instrumental Music (Piano)
The school is opening up further opportunities for our students to undertake piano lessons. The demand for the program with our piano teacher this year, Nick Aston, has increased significantly.  Lessons will now be available over two days, Wednesday and Thursday. Please contact the Office if you would like to enrol your child in our school’s  Instrumental Music Program for either piano or guitar.


Steve Charisis – Principal

Key Dates:

Wednesday 7th March: Keon Park District Sports Association Athletics Day (Meadowglen Athletics Stadium)
Tennis Coaching Program (3.30 – 5.00pm)
Friday 9th March: P.E. Classes & Swimming Program (All students in Sports Uniform)
Monday 12th March: Labour Day Public Holiday (School Closed)
Wednesday 14th March: Tennis Coaching Program (3.30 – 5.00pm)
Friday 16th March: P.E. Classes & Swimming Program (All students in Sports Uniform)
Monday 19th March: Homework Club (3.30 – 5.00pm)
Wednesday 21st March: Harmony Day
Tennis Coaching Program: (3.30 – 5.00pm)
Friday 23rd March: P.E. Classes & Swimming Program (All students in Sports Uniform)
Monday 26th March: Homework Club (3.30 – 5.00pm)
Wednesday 28th March: Tennis Coaching Program (3.30 – 5.00pm)
Thursday 29th March: SRC Charity Day for Royal Children’s Hospital (theme to be determined)

Final Day of Term 1
Monday 16th April
Staff Planning Day (Student-Free Day)
Tuesday 17th April First day of Term 2 for students

Homework Club – Gardening

Our Gardening Club has been a big hit this term with the students who selected it as their preferred activity.

Nadege Kitching has brought her passion and experience for gardening to our school to offer an engaging educational and practical program for our students.

The students have already made bird feeders, set up a worm farm and this week made a “Wicking Mini-Garden” and planted herbs. The students recycled 2-litre plastic bottles to make their self-watering mini-garden.

The group even made one for the Principal which you can see on display in the Office area.

The program will be offered again in Term 2. I expect the word has got out to the other students and this activity will be a popular choice in Term 2.

2018 Student Leadership Positions

Our Year 5 students have been appointed “Ministers in Training” for key areas of the school. We wish them the best in their new roles:

Sport:Jesse, Veer
Library & Art:Samaya
Science:Aiden & Nathan
Environment: Olive
Youth: Billie
Technology: Dries
Harmony & Community Services: Kizzy